Libra And Scorpio Compatibility

Libra And Scorpio Compatibility

May 20
Libra And Scorpio Compatibility

When Libra meets Scorpio it is air meeting water with the former the dynamic sign ruled by the planet Venus and the latter a flowing sign guided by the planets Mars and Pluto. The union could be very satisfying on the deep emotional levels. But both have to adjust quite a lot due to the inherent differences in the character of the two signs.

On the positive side of the relationship between Libra and Scorpio is the fact that both could be greatly loyal to each other and highly devoted partners in romantic relationship. Decisions are made with heart and mind together and thus the union could be an excellent choice when they adjust with each other. Complimenting each other well, they can face all the challenges of the world.

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Libra loves peace, harmony, and beauties in life and this can bring up the necessary emotional balance for the often impetuous Scorpio. While Scorpios could be rather emotional and brood at times, Libra will help Scorpio to come to the right track striking a harmonious balance. Libra is always happy in a balanced relationship and Scorpio can help Libra to focus on minute details. Since neither of them is argumentative in nature, they match quite well.

On the negative side is their totally different type of communicating styles. Scorpio is secretive and Libra is wide open though both will do anything to avoid fights and conflicts. Being highly dramatic, Scorpio can often over dramatize situations to the point of highly irritating Libra and can often use their unique silent treatment which can totally upset the balanced Libra.

Scorpio will provide substance as well as intensity for Libra while Libra will lift Scorpio out of the darkness into the world of funs and games. Sexual compatibility may be possible but the problem is that with Scorpio it will be all or nothing and Libra may find the dark side of Scorpio a little too extreme for his liking.

But with the passage of time the relationship may get better with Libra teaching Scorpio styles in life and learning on turn the mysteries of life.
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